In designing our Community Policies, The Regency & Villas Management Team places a strong emphasis on delivering the best experience for all of our residents.  In order to accomplish this, we have created Community Policies and Regulations that can be found around page 9 of the Lease Contract!  

We strongly recommend every future and current resident reviews the Community Policies.  Below we will give a brief overview of the areas of these policies that relate directly to Guest Policies.


💭  Guest Policies in your Community ____________________________________________

Below are highlights of the Community Policies and Regulations that all residents agree to prior to living at the Regency & Villas Apartments.  You can find the entire section in your Lease Contract on page 9.

⚠️  It is extremely important to understand that you have a lot of opportunities to enjoy your time within the community.  Your ability to have guests and enjoy yourself cannot, at any time of the day or night, jeopardize the happiness of anyone in the community including your roommates, neighbors, etc.

Highlights of Guest Policy:

  •  You are Responsible for All of their Actions.  While on property, your Guests actions reflect you directly so any violations they have will result in further disciplinary actions for you specifically as a Resident of our community. (2.1 Guests/Deliveries -- page 10)
  • Guests will not be given access to our community by us outside of business hours. All Guests must be accompanied by the Resident at all times.  We will not provide guests access through the gates after normal business hours which is Monday - Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (2.1 Guests/Deliveries -- page 10) 
  • Guests cannot stay overnight more than a total of 2 nights in a month and must be approved by all roommates.  The Management Team does not allow guests to stay more than 2 nights in a month, either in a row or separately, and if roommates do not approve the Guests then they are not permitted to stay in your apartment for any length of time.   (2.2 Guests/Deliveries -- page 10)
  • Residents may not have more than 2 guests (per resident) at any time on property.  With respect to your roommates and neighbors, the Regency Management Team will ensure that parties do not get out of hand and limiting the amount of guests is an important step. (2.6 Guests/Deliveries -- page 10)  

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