The Regency & Villas Apartments takes the overall community experience very seriously and this includes noise disturbances and parties.  The following outlines what is not permitted at The Regency & Villas Apartments relating to Noise and Parties! 


💭  Noise Policy 

Maintaining an enjoyable environment is an expectation of our Residents and as such we have Managers, Security Teams and After Hours support walking the property and responding to Hot Line calls 24/7!

In the Community Rules & Regulations section there is an area (7. OTHER RULES AND REGULATIONS/PROHIBITIONS) that outlines the responsibilities of all residents within our community!

Main Things to Consider from Lease:

  • Neither Resident nor Resident's guests may make or permit to be made any loud, disturbing or objectionable noises in the Apartment Community.
  • Musical instruments, radio, phonographs, stereos, television sets, amplifiers and other instruments or devices may not be used in such a manner as may constitute a nuisance or disturb other residents. 
  • Neither Resident nor Resident's guests may use the Common Areas, parking lots or grounds in such a manner that interferes with the enjoyment of other residents or Landlord’s agents.

Fines for Violations

We actively pursue a reasonable noise-free environment and violations of this policy will result in up to a $250 fine and may result in eviction due to defaulting of your Lease Contract (page 5 -- #7. Default k).

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