The Application Fee is due at time of processing the application online through the Regency and Villas Application process.  You will automatically be prompted to make a payment when you are completing the application!  

We accept the most of the major card types as an added convenience for our incoming residents as well as the Regency & Villas Management Team does not charge an additional fee for using online payments!


💭  What if I cannot pay the Application Fee right now?

We understand that at times it is easier to complete the Application first and make a payment later.  You are more than welcome to pay the Application Fee on Move In Day, but it is important to note that priority for roommate assignments and apartment location are determined by payment of the Application Fee and completion of the Lease Contract by the student and Guarantor.  In other words, if you wait to pay the Application Fee until Move In Day, you will likely not get the apartment location that you request as priority is given to the incoming residents that have made payments and completed the Lease Contract in full.  
💭  When is the latest I can pay the Application Fee?

The Application Fee must be paid prior to receiving keys on Move In Day.  The Move In Day is outlined on the first page of your Lease Contract!

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