We are excited that you are interested in living at The Regency & Villas Apartments!  We have created a simple, quick online application process that allows you to apply on your own time.

All residents are required to complete this basic online application process and we have provided easy guides below to help. 


💭  How do I apply?

Here is a quick step by step process on how you can apply to live at the Regency & Villas Apartments.  Whether you want to live at The Regency or at the Villas, the online application process is the same!

Step 1:  Click "Apply Now" on our website!

Step 2:  Student completes all required fields in the online Application and clicks "Submit"!

⚠️ Important:  We use an online leasing system that requires the Student email address and the Guarantor email to be different.  This is a mandatory part of the leasing and application process!

Step 3:   Wait for the Leasing Team to Contact You by Email

Once you have clicked "submit", our Leasing Team automatically receives your application.  We will process your application within 3 business days and if you are approved you will receive an email with a link to your Lease Contract!

Click here to learn how you complete the Leasing Process once you receive our email with your application status!

💭  Do I Have to Apply Online? _______________________________________________

We do ask that all of our future residents apply online as it is easier and instantly integrates you into the Resident Portal that will allow you access to make rent payments, review information and put in maintenance requests once you have moved in!  

Need help with the online application?  Simply use one of the chat options or email our Leasing Team and we can walk you through the process in person as well!  

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