We are excited that you have chosen The Regency & Villas Apartments as your new "home away from home"!  The leasing process is quite simple and we have provided a basic overview below.  

⚠️   Important:  Once the Student completes the Application and signs their portion of the Lease Contract it is legally binding.  Please make sure you are positive you are living with us prior to completing these steps as we consider them a future resident and officially start plans for roommate assignments, apartment assignments and more.


Please feel free to contact us by chat, email or scheduling a call with our Leasing Team if you have questions!

💭  The Leasing Process ______________________________________________________

The following is a brief overview to help you better understand how the Leasing Process works at both the Regency and the Villas Apartments.  Regardless of which community you live in you follow the exact same process!

The following shows the steps taken by the Student (🎓), our Management Team (🏡) and the Guarantor (👤) of the Lease Contract.

  1.  🎓  Complete Application Online.   The student completes the application and provides both their email address and a different one for their Guarantor.   Click "Apply Now" below or anywhere on our website to get started!
  2.  🏡  Send Lease Contract to Student.  Once we receive the online Application, our Leasing Team will review it and send a digital Lease Contract to the Student at the email they provided on the Application within 3 business days.
  3.  🎓  Student signs their portion of the Lease Contract.  The student digitally signs their portion of the Lease Contract.  Our secure, easy to use digital service walks the Student through where to sign in easy steps!                                                                         
  4.  👤  Guarantor Signs the Guaranty Page.  Once the Student completes their portion of the Lease Contract (#3), the Guarantor automatically receives an email at the address the Student provided on the Application.  Simply click the link in the email and the Guarantor will be able to review the Lease Contract and it will walk them through the required sections to complete.
  5.  🏡  General Manager signs Lease Contract.  Once both the Student and the Guarantor have completed their portions properly, the General Manager will digitally execute the Lease Contract.  


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