We proudly have partnered with a free, online roommate matching service called "Please Don't Snore".  For several years, current and future residents have been able to find roommates at both the Regency and the Villas Apartments to take the Roommate Matching process into their own hands!

💭  What is "Please Don't Snore" _________________________________________________________________

Please Don't Snore is a 3rd party company that we have used for several years to allow future and current residents to meet new people that have signed leases  

What is the benefit of Please Don't Snore?

  •  Only Eligible Matches are Visible.  The list of people to match with will only show you future residents that you are eligible to live with as it shows you only those that have not matched with anyone yet, that have completed a Lease Contract, that are in your same floor plan and are of the same sex as you.  
  •  Private Messages.  You don't have to share your email address as you search through people to possibly live with in the upcoming year, but you still can send them messages through the website to learn more about them. 
  •  Select Your Roommate.  You have complete control over when 

💭  How do I Access Please Don't Snore? _________________________________________________________________

Please Don't Snore is a service we offer for free to future and current residents with a fully executed Lease Contract.   Once you have completed the following steps we will send you a link with instructions on how to sign up!

What you need to complete to get access to Please Don't Snore:

  1. Complete Application & Pay Application Fee
  2. Student must complete and sign Lease Contract accurately. 
  3. Guarantor must complete and sign Lease Contract accurately. 

Why do we have these requirements?

Peach of mind for you!  The greatest value of the Please Don't Snore system is that it simplifies finding roommates as outlined at the beginning of this article.  It is important that only future residents, or current residents, with completed Lease Contracts have access so that when you find a roommate you can rest assured that the roommate you select is already approved to live at the Regency & Villas Apartments for the upcoming year!

⚠️ Important:  The Regency & Villas Management Team places roommates that select each other on their application as the priority!  This is by far the best way to select your roommate so meet people in class, invite long time friends, etc. rather than using a system.    We offer many free options for you to take finding the best roommate into your own hands and as such the Lease Contract is not voided should you be unhappy with your selection.  Take advantage of these free services!

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