The Regency & Villas Apartments do not allow coed-living arrangements at this time.  There are many reasons as to why we do not currently allow Coed Living and we have provided a few reasons below.


ūüí≠ ¬†What is "Coed Living"? _________________________________________________________________

Coed living is when people of the opposite sex choose to live with one another.  For example, if a male and female want to live together in the same apartment.  This happens most frequently with brothers and sisters, however, we do receive requests for couples to be together also.  

At this time we do not allow Roommate Assignments for Coed Living and here are a few reasons why...

  1.  Roommate Conflict Issues.  There are many instances in which a coed living arrangement results in roommate conflicts.  As we are typically 100% occupied each year, we are unable to accommodate relocation requests due to coed disagreements.                                                
  2. Room Assignment Conflicts.  Our Management Team will never place a person in an apartment with someone from the opposite sex.  An issue arises if, for example, two females and a male choose to live with one another in a Villa (3 bedroom apartment).  Should one of the two females leave, for whatever reason, we cannot place a male or a female in that bedroom.  
  3.  Parental Issues.  Although we lease to adults (Sorry Parents, legally 18 years and older is considered an adult!), parents are often very involved in the decisions of roommate disputes and how to live together.   As a Management Team for student apartment living, it is not possible for us to consistently mediate these types of arrangements while considering the opinions of all adults involved.


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