The Regency & Villas Apartments offers our residents a unique opportunity to choose from dorm-style living at the Regency while also being able to consider a more traditional apartment-style living in the Villas Apartments.  All of these options in the same community! 

With this variety comes a few different types of Floor Plans that are both private (no roommates) and shared (with roommates).  


💭  How Many Roommates Can I Have? _________________________________________________________________

As discussed in other articles, all of our apartments are offered under an Individual Leasing concept.  As such, the Regency & Villas Management Team limits the number of roommates each unit can have to ensure consistency in the apartments for all residents.

The number of roommates allowed in each apartment type is directly correlated to the number of bedrooms.  The following outlines how many roommates, or occupants, can be in each floor plan type!

The Regency (dorm-style living):

  • 2 bedroom, 1 bath Floor Plan:   2 Residents
  • 2 bedroom, 2 bath Floor Plan:   2 Residents
  • Double Floor Plan:  2 Residents
  • Triple Floor Plan:   3 Residents
  • Single Floor Plan:  1 Resident
  • Studio Floor Plan:  1 Resident

The Villas (apartment-style living): 

  • 3 bedroom, 3 bath Floor Plan:   3 Residents
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