We have made making payments even easier!  Below you find a list of ways to make payment and methods of payment we cannot accept at this time.  These payment options apply to all online payments for current residents and future residents attempting to pay any type of balance.   


ūüí≠ ¬†How Can I Make Payments?¬†

We offer many different convenient options for making payments for both future residents and current residents!  Wondering why we cannot take cash, payments over the telephone or in person?  Scroll down!

✅  Accepted Payment Types:

  • ¬†Online Payments: ¬†Make payments at no additional cost, by using your debit card, credit card or banking information through RentCafe Portal
  • ¬†24/7 Rent Dropbox: ¬†Make payments by personal/traveler's check or money order in the Rent Dropbox located in the Main Lobby of the Regency 24/7
  • ¬†Mail Payment: ¬†Mail a personal/traveler's check or money order to the Regency at the following address

Regency Apartments
Attn:  Accountant
3900 Elati St.
Denver, CO  80216

See a sample check to make sure you filled it out correctly!

ūüöę ¬†Payments we cannot accept¬†

Above we outline the many ways you can make payment at the office 24/7, by mail and online at no additional fee!  The following are ways we cannot take payment, a solution and the reasoning behind why we do not accept this payment option.

We cannot Accept Payments by...

  • Check or Cash dropped off at the Front Desk to a Staff Member. ¬†We do this to ensure that your check gets to our Management Staff quickly and safely. ¬†By using the 24/7 Rent Dropbox you can ensure that your payment will be received the fastest by our Accountant as well as conveniently as it is available 24/7 to our residents!
  • Debit/Credit Card payment in person or by telephone. ¬†As we service nearly 1,000 students, their families and all of the thousands of applicants each year it is unrealistic for us to have staff present to take payments one-by-one in person or by telephone. ¬†By offering a secure online payment system, at no additional charge on our end, we offer a 24/7 solution for you to make payments by debit/credit card, bank account and any other way you would otherwise want to by telephone.¬†
  • Cash. ¬†Under no circumstance are we able to accept cash payments. ¬†Please take cash to a bank, gas station or other business that will provide you with a Money Order. ¬†

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