The following outlines how a Resident signs their digital Lease Contract.  This process takes places once you have completed the Application Process successfully and we have approved your application.  

⚠️  Important: If you have not received the email shown in Step 1 below, you will need to wait until we have approved your Application!  You only receive this email once the Application Process has been properly completed on your end and we have approved your application which can take up to 5 business days.

Take your time!  It is important that you complete the Lease Contract accurately otherwise it will delay the leasing process resulting in you having to wait to pick your roommates, select preferences of apartment location and more!

💭  Guide to Signing Your Lease Contract ____________________________________________________

Once you have completed the Application Process, we will send you a digital Lease Contract as shown in Step 1 which could take up to 5 business days.


Open the email sent by the Leasing Team at the Regency!  The email subject and "from" will look similar to the picture below. 

Read the information in the email and then click the link provided in the email!  You will be re-directed to a secure, digital Lease signing software.

The online Lease Contract software will walk you through filling out 100% of the information you need!  Make sure you complete the information properly by following the instructions! 

Example:  In our sample Lease Contract we are using for this tutorial, we are signing as if our name is Jack Frost.  When it asks us for an initial, we put "JF" as shown below.  

⚠️  You need to put YOUR initials in this section when completing your Lease Contract!

Execute your Lease Contract by signing and clicking "Click to Sign" at the bottom of the screen!  

Once you select "Click to Sign", you will automatically trigger an email to be sent to the Guarantor you provided on your Application which will walk them through a similar process to completing their portion!  

Please note that the copy has not been completed by the Guarantor or executed by the General Manager, but the information will remain the same for your records to know when to make payments, overview of Community Policies and more!


💭  What's Next? ____________________________________________________

Your portion is finished for the time being.  The Guarantor on file needs to complete their portion and then our General Manager will execute the Lease Contract making it official!

What you can do once the lease is executed by the General Manager... 

  • You will receive a link to Log In to "Please Don't Snore" to select your Roommates (learn more)
  • Receive information about Move In Day procedures
  • and more!
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