The Regency & Villas community is uniquely located in walking distance to restaurants, the Rockies baseball stadium, the light rail, B-cycle, RTD Bus Services and we even run our own free bus service for our residents throughout the school year!

‚ö†ÔłŹ ¬†Important: ¬†The Regency Bus Service is a complimentary service for our Residents. ¬†Although it is a reliable option we recommend you plan ahead as seats are limited, traffic can cause delays and students have many alternative options shown below!¬†

ūüí≠ ¬†Transportation Options for our Residents ________________________________________

The Regency & Villas Apartments offers its' residents a wide variety of easy transportation options that are very cost effective and even free for most students.

Best Options for Transportation:

  • Bring Your Own Car w/ Free Parking. ¬†We offer free parking for all of our residents with a proper parking pass so bring your own car!
  • Light Rail. ¬†The Fox Street Light Rail provides residents easy, affordable access to downtown Denver as we are only one stop from Union Station! ¬†Many students get free RTD services by bus and rail! ¬†Learn more at the RTD website!
  • RTD Bus. ¬†We have several RTD Bus stops in walking distance of the Regency & Villas Apartments. ¬†Many students get free RTD services by bus and rail! ¬†Learn more at the RTD website!
  • B-Cycle. ¬†B-cycle is a bicycle rental option that makes it convenient to put in a debit/credit card and drop off the bicycle at a location closer to campus. ¬†They often offer college discounts too. ¬†Learn More!
  • Lime Scooters. ¬†We are a preferred "hub" for Lime Scooters. ¬†Download the app for free today and find a Lime Scooter nearby to get anywhere in the city in minutes an incredibly low fare!
  • Complimentary Regency Bus Service. ¬†Learn more about the Regency's complimentary bus service below!

ūüí≠ ¬†Regency Bus Service ________________________________________

The Regency Bus Service is a free option for Residents of our community to get to the Auraria Campus which is home to Metro State University, University of Colorado Denver, the Community College of Denver and more!

The Regency Bus Service is a complimentary service provided to Residents of our community only and the times are estimates as weather and traffic can alter these times throughout the year.  Please plan accordingly! 

ūüí≠ ¬†FAQs about the Regency Bus Service ________________________________________

Below you find a few of the most commonly asked questions relating to the Regency Bus Service!

1)  How many Residents can the Bus hold?

The Regency Shuttle can hold up to 60 residents and on occasions we run a smaller bus.

2)  Is the Regency Bus available 12 months a year?

No, the Regency Bus runs during the Fall and Spring semesters based around the Auraria Campus school schedule only.

3)  Is the Bus Shuttle always on time?

No!  The majority of the time the bus is on schedule; however, it is heavily determined by traffic, campus construction and weather conditions.  

We strongly recommend residents plan ahead when picking times to use the bus shuttle or use the alternative transportation options available (often free) to students.  In addition to all of these alternative options we also provide free parking!

4)  Can my friends ride on the bus for free or at a fee? 

No, the complimentary bus service is available for residents of the Regency & Villas Apartments only.  As seat are limited, we place a priority on servicing our current residents!

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