We are very happy to know that you are interested in move in to our community soon and throughout the process of applying, signing your lease, choosing roommates and moving in you will hear different "labels" or "terms" being used by our team members.

ūüí≠ ¬†What labels will be used and what do they mean? ____________________________________________

As with any industry, terms are developed to assist both the customer and the business with through the process.  For us, we have a few different labels that our online systems force us to create in order to move you through the housing process!

Here are the most commonly used:

  • Applicant. ¬†As an "applicant", you have shown interest in our community and may have even officially applied to live with us. ¬†At this stage, you have not completed a Lease Contract.
  • Future Resident. ¬†As a "future resident", you have already completed the Application and signed a Lease Contract to live with us. ¬†However, at this stage you have not officially moved into the apartment. ¬†This is a key different in our system and how the online portal associates your "pre-move in" payments, paperwork, etc.
  • Guarantor. ¬†A "guarantor" is an individual that agrees to support the Resident should their be financial hardship. ¬†You can learn more about Guarantors here! ¬†You cannot be a Guarantor and a Resident. ¬†
  • Resident. ¬†A resident is someone that has completed an application, lease contract and officially move into our community!
  • Renewal. ¬†A "renewal" is someone that has been a Resident for at least one year and extended their Lease Contract for another academic year!¬†
  • Past Resident. ¬†Although we will be sad to see you leave, we also are excited to know that you are taking the next step in your professional career. ¬†As a "past resident", you have properly moved out of our community!¬†

You never need to officially understand these terms, but we figured we would provide a little bit of insight that may help make the process easier along the way.  As always, never hesitate to ask us if you have any further questions! 

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