The Regency & Villas Apartments provides all of its' residents complimentary cable television and internet (Ethernet).  These amenities are included in your rental rate along with much more! 


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We provide all of our residents complimentary internet in their apartment as well as a community WiFi option in common areas throughout the property. Ethernet chords can easily be purchased on Amazon or at electronic stores like Best Buy!

Internet in Your Apartment 

Internet wall plugs, or "Ethernet" jacks, are located in all of the bedrooms in our community as well as common living room areas to provide a consistent internet experience.

Internet around the Community 

There is also WiFi available in the common areas such as on the 2nd floor study room areas and various locations around the community.  Although it is very reliable, we strongly suggest you use the Ethernet chords to improve your internet experience!

Internet Speeds 

We regularly test the internet speeds and make upgrades to ensure that the internet is reliable for completing school work and common uses.  We do not increase bandwidth to support increased gaming needs and we do not recommend you use your own modem as the Wi-fi is a community service and not intended for consistent use in the apartment.  

Unfortunately, WiFi is not a reliable source of internet outside of the main common areas throughout the community.  As we have nearly 1,000 residents, the number of devices over the years does not allow any level of bandwidth options to meet the needs on a WiFi basis as the vast majority of residents have multiple WiFi enabled devices such as cell phones, that all drain the bandwidth.

Can I upgrade my Internet at an Additional Cost?

At this time, you are not able to upgrade the internet.  However, if this is a feature you would really like to request simply make a suggestion in our "Suggest an Idea" form!  It's how many of our improvements are decided upon each year.

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