The Regency & Villas Apartments provides all of its' residents complimentary cable television and internet (Ethernet).  These amenities are included in your rental rate along with much more! 


ūüí≠ ¬†Cable Television Basics ____________________________________________

We provide all of our residents complimentary cable television in their apartment as well as in common areas throughout the property.  We also provide big screens and amphitheaters in the Regency common areas available for you to plug in your game systems and watch movies whenever you'd like!

Cable TV in Your Apartment 

Cable television jacks are located in all of the bedrooms in our community as well as common living room areas in the Villas Apartments to provide a consistent television experience.

Cable TV around the Community 

There is also cable television access in the common areas such as on the 2nd floor Game Area, in the large amphitheater near the Regency Front Desk and various locations around the community.

Can I upgrade my Cable TV Package at an Additional Cost?

At this time, you are not able to upgrade the cable TV package.  However, if this is a feature you would really like to request simply make a suggestion in our "Suggest an Idea" form!  It's how many of our improvements are decided upon each year.

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