The Villas are our newest development and offer our residents an apartment-style living experience with a full kitchen, washer and dryer, private bedrooms and more. 

The Villas apartments are all 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom layouts.  Each apartment is a shared apartment that offers 3 private bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms located in the Villas community.

In addition to what is listed below, the 1st floor apartments have a patio near the living room.  However, the second and third floor apartments do not have a patio or deck.

💭  Learn about the Villas apartment ____________________________________________

You have to see it to believe it!  Our dedicated leasing team is available to support you 7 days for walk in tours and scheduling tours.  Learn more about touring here!

Included in each Bedroom 

✅  Full Size, Extra Long Bed
✅  Dresser
✅  Closet
✅  Nightstand
✅  Desk with Computer Chair
✅  Blinds on all windows
✅  Lock on Bedroom Doors

Included in each Bathroom

✅  Shower & Bathtub (combo)
✅  Shower Curtain Rod
✅  Towel Rack
✅  Sink, toilet and mirror

Included in Common Area

✅  Couch
✅  Love Seat
✅  TV Stand
✅  Coffee Table
✅  Dining Table w/ 4 chairs
✅  Washer & Dryer (stackable)
✅  Lock on Front Door
✅  Blinds on all windows

Included in Kitchen Area

✅  Refrigerator
✅  Oven w/ stove top
✅  Microwave
✅  Dishwasher
✅  Garbage disposal
✅  Cabinets, large counter top and Pantry 

Important:  The picture is only an artistic drawing of the floor plan.  Please reference the list for what is included!

Handicap & Alternative Layout Reminder:  We are required to have a specific number of apartments onsite that are designed for various handicap requirements as well as a some units have varying layouts depending on location within the community.  This can change the layout of the room, height of the counter tops, remove closets, etc.  If you would like to see if you are placed in a handicap unit, please email once you have received your placement email!

💭  What to Bring ____________________________________________

Planning for your new apartment is exciting and we know you will have many questions!  Many of our past residents over the years have provided what they hoped to remember to bring and we have the list here! 

On the tour, you may have seen items that you were unsure of whether or not they were included.  Above, we outline everything but it is worth noting that the decorations, electronics, food and anything else not on the list above will not be included!

Ideas on What to Bring... 

💡  Tips to Cooking as a Student ____________________________________________

Throughout your research you have likely seen how apartments and dorms do not allow any open flamed cooking devices, candles, etc. due to fire code issues. 

Cooking in a dorm, or even an apartment, is much easier these days and we ask that you use the following concepts and leave your toasters, candles, etc. at home as they are violations!

It is safe to assume that anything with a flame is not permitted and can be replaced at a fairly affordable price using products that plug in to an electrical outlet.

Example of Solutions to try:

  • Replace your toaster with a toaster oven
  • Use dutch ovens and crock pots as a replacement for an oven and crock pot
  • Replace candles with "plug ins" or "scentsy pots" (sample)
  • Replace a grill with something like a George Foreman grill

Research what College Students across the nation suggest by searching on Pinterest, Google and more! 

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