The Regency and Villas Apartments requires all of our residents to have a Guarantor as outlined in the Lease Contract and our support articles online.  The Guarantor adds a lot of value to the Regency & Villas Management Team being able to provide a positive experience for their residents as we discuss in other articles.  


💭  One Exception to Having a Guarantor

The only exception to having a Guarantor at the Regency & Villas Apartments is to pay the total Lease Contract value in full prior to Moving into the Regency or Villas Apartments.

Each of the following must be completed in full prior to Moving In to qualify for this exception: 

  1.  All Rental Installments.  If you chose the 10 month installment plan then you owe all 10 months upfront.  If you chose the 12 month installment plan then you owe all 12 months upfront.  
  2.  Application Fee.  The Application Fee must be paid in full.
  3.  Security Deposit.  The Security Deposit must be paid in full.
  4.  Meal Plan for the Year.  The Meal Plan for both the Fall and Spring must be paid in full prior to moving in. 
  5.  Sign a "Pay in Full" Lease Contract.  A "Pay in Full" Lease Contract will be provided by our Leasing Team and you will need to complete this prior to moving in.

If you are interested in a Pay In Full Lease Contract option simply email our Leasing Team or simply state this in the Application Process online!  

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