The Guarantor is required to complete a section of the Lease Contract digitally on our secure, online system.  

Once the future resident completes an application, they will be sent a digital Lease Contract to complete.  Once they complete their section, the Guarantor is automatically emailed a link to complete their portion of the Lease Contract through a secure online data base!  

💭  Quick Summary of How Lease Process Works for Guarantor

Here is a quick step by step process of how the leasing process works and where the Guarantor takes care of their portion.  The first 3 steps are for the Student to complete as well the Regency Management Team.  We have outlined these steps as well as placed a ✅ next to the step that the Guarantor takes!  

  1.  (Student)  Completes Application.   The student completes the application and provides your email address for our records.
  2.  (Us)  Send Lease Contract to Student.  Our Leasing Team will send a digital Lease Contract to the student at the email they provided.
  3.  (Student)  Student signs their portion of the Lease.  The student digitally signs their portion of the Lease Contract.
  4.  (Guarantor) Guarantor Signs the Guaranty Page.  Once the student completes their portion of the lease contract (#3), the Guarantor automatically receives an email at the address the Student provided on the Application.  Simply click this link in the email and you will be able to review the Lease Contract and it will walk you through the required sections to complete.   


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