The Regency & Villas Maintenance Team works primarily Monday - Friday to maintain the quality of the apartments, building, infrastructure and so much more.  We have cleaning teams, maintenance staff and contractors supporting the quality of the community in many ways.

⚠️   If your maintenance concern does not match a concern listed below, please log on to your portal and place a maintenance request so our Maintenance Team can can assist you during normal business hours!


💭  What is considered an After Hours Maintenance Issue? ____________________________________________

Our standard of what is considered an emergency maintenance concern is directly correlated with the practices of nearly every apartment community in the country.  Our dedicated Maintenance Team works continuously to improve the quality of our living experience  

Immediately call the After Hours Maintenance number if ANY of the following occurs:

  • Water leaks, flooding, etc.  Please remember to turn your water off located behind the toilet on the ground if you are experiencing any leaks. Contact us at the number below and we can walk you through this process!
  • Exterior lock issues. If you are unable to access your apartment or if a lock is jammed to where you cannot exit your apartment.
  • Fire, sparks, electrical issues.  If there is risk of a fire call the number below immediately!
  • If your heating does not work in temperatures of 60 degree or less.
  • If your air conditioning does not work in temperatures of 85 degrees or more.



Emergency After Hours Phone Number 

(720) 939-1083 for all emergency maintenance situations


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