Health & Safety Inspections are a common practice in student housing across the nation and serve as a way to assess if the living condition is ideal for student living.  We only perform these one time a semester unless we have reasonable cause to enter an apartment otherwise.  

Our Management Team has decades of combined experience assessing student communities in the United States.  It is not our intention to violate rights of a resident and we do not look through drawers or personal items.  

The Health & Safety Inspections are handled only by full time, professional management of the Regency & Villas Apartments and are never conducted by part-time staff or student staff.


💭  Benefits of Health & Safety Inspections ____________________________________________

There are many benefits to Health & Safety Inspections in a community.  As our top priority is the safety and positive experience of our residents its' important that we ensure the living conditions are at a realistic standard.

Benefits of Health & Safety Inspections...

  • Helps ensure roommates living conditions are at a specific standard
  • Ensures the apartment is in good condition structurally, cleanliness wise, etc.
  • Ensure Community Policies are not being violated
  • Ensure Residents aren't living in an unsafe environment
  • and more! 

💭  Why we perform Health & Safety Inspections ____________________________________________

As a student housing community, nearly all of our residents are on their own for the first time since leaving their parents home in which they lived for nearly 20 years.  In addition to safety and cleanliness concerns, we need to ensure that basic maintenance and apartment care if being performed.  Not only is this a learning opportunity for the student, it also provides cost savings to the property when we catch issues early as many students are not sure what they should be mentioning to us!  Subsequently, this saves money to the resident once they move out as well!

What we are looking for in a Health & Safety Inspection...

  • Cleaning of Air Filters
  • Inspections of Air Conditioning/heating units
  • Signs of water leaks
  • Maintenance issues that the Resident did not 
  • Excessive Dirtiness
  • Evidence of Smoking
  • Evidence of Weapons
  • Evidence of Drug usage
  • Other Community Violations
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