We have all been there!  Losing a key or breaking it in the lock seems to be a right of passage for most of us that live out on our own.    If you happen to need a new key made we have you covered here!


💭  Get a New Key ____________________________________________

If you need a new key, simply visit the Regency Main Lobby and head to the front desk to speak with one of our team members.

Will I be Charged?

It depends!  Depending on the lock system, whether or not we have to re-key the entire door due to safety risks for your roommates or supplying copies to roommates for the door being fixed we may charge you for the parts and maintenance.  Of course, if it becomes a pattern as well we will have to discuss further actions as it places roommates, your belongings, etc. at a security risk.

Locked Out? 

For any After Hours key concerns, please contact our After Hours Staff number at (720) 939-1083 or by contacting the Regency Hot Line

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