Although we work hard to limit the amount of maintenance requests you may need, we understand that issues do arise.  Our dedicated Maintenance Team works hard throughout the year to ensure our buildings are safe, well maintained and that Residents enjoy their living experience!

💭 How to Put In a Work Order ____________________________________________

All work orders must be placed through your free, online RentCafe Portal. This will ensure your work order is the highest priority and is received instantly by our Maintenance Team.  Learn more about how to register for your online portal!

Can I put in a work order by email, in person or by phone?

No, unfortunately that is not a reliable method to doing so.  Very few team members have access to your portal to place a work order properly for your account and contractually there are many reasons why you want to place them yourself online using the free, 24/7 online portal.  

If you need assistance with accessing your RentCafe online portal please follow these instructions!

Visit our website and click the property you live in under the "Pay Now" tab.

Login (or register) and click "Maintenance Request".  Its' that simple! 

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