As a student housing community we completely understand that roommate conflicts can occur for a variety of reasons.  Although we offer many opportunities for you to match with your preferred roommate(s), sometimes conflicts are unavoidable.

💭  What is the Mediation Process? ____________________________________________

Anytime there are roommate conflicts, our Management Team takes time to discuss resolutions through a multiple step process called the Mediation Process.   The process has been incorporated from many of the top universities in the country to ensure that young adults take steps to openly discuss concerns and work together on resolutions.  

The purpose of the Mediation Process is to get a better understanding of the conflict to best ensure that the right resolution is chosen for all Parties involved.

Do I have to do the Mediation Process?

In short, yes.  There are extremely rare occasions that the Management Team receives a Mediation Form entry that results directly into relocating a resident.  If safety is an immediate concern, we will take temporary measures to relocate residents if possible while we work to remove the individual creating severe disturbances. 

Prior to considering a relocation of an individual, the Management Team requires the Residents to discuss the problem first with our team and almost always in the same room with the roommate.  It is important to note that relocating does not usually fix the problem as nearly all conflicts are due to all parties sharing in the responsibility of why the conflict occurred.  In addition, we are at 100% nearly the entire academic year so vacancies are simply not possible at all times although we will support a transfer once we discuss the Mediation Process to understand the concerns  

What if I just want to move?  

If you are unhappy with your living situation and you wish to simply transfer to a new apartment, we have a Transfer Process that is more inline with what you are looking for and is based on vacancies within our community.  

💭  How to Begin the Mediation Process ____________________________________________

If you are interested in beginning the Mediation Process, simply click the button below.  You will be asked to complete this basic form and then the Director of Resident Relations will contact you to discuss options at your earliest convenience.

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