There are a few ways you can get a copy of your Lease Contract while living at the Regency & Villas Apartments.  If you happened to forget to download a digital copy during the Leasing Process, we can help you out now by asking a few questions first!  

 Before we answer how to get a copy, it's important we ask why you need it first!  Why?  The most common reason is for "proof of residency" for a license or government ID and the Lease Contract will not work even though that's what that ask from you!  

💭 I need the Lease Contract as "Proof of Residency" _____________________________________________________

Proof of residency is the most common reason our residents ask for a copy of the Lease Contract.  In fact, the Lease Contract does not 

Why the Lease Contract will not work:

  • It does not have your exact address listed
  • Government agencies request more information often

🗣  Solution: You actually need a copy of your accounting ledger printed from the Regency & Villas Management Team!  It shows all the information needed by the government agency requesting a Proof of Residency.

💭 I Want to Review the Policies of the Lease __________________________________________________

If you have questions about the Lease Contract we strongly suggest you try searching through the Help Desk first as it will be the fastest way to find your answers!  If you would like to simply scan a copy of the Lease Contract all residents signed this year you can visit our website as well!  

If you would like to review a general, unsigned copy of the 2016-17 Lease Contract that all residents signed please click below!

💭 I would like a copy of my Lease Contract! _____________________________________________________

No problem!  If you are simply wanting to have a copy of your executed Lease Contract sent to you by email just contact our leasing team here and we will get back to you shortly!

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