We are excited that you are considering renewing your Lease Contract at the Regency & Villas Apartments!  The following will outline the process and answer commonly asked questions about how renewing works.


💭  Why Renew your Lease? _________________________________________________________________

There are many reasons why resident decide to stay at the their apartment for the upcoming school year!  Here are a few...

  • Save Money.  Renewing is the cheapest way to live at any community including ours!   You do not have to pay an application fee, security deposit or extra fees when you renew to stay in your apartment.  In addition, you save on moving costs and alternative fees with finding a new place. 
  • Lowest Rates of the Year.  We offer our renewals the lowest rates of the year which means you save even more when you renew! 
  • Save Your Apartment.  Renewals get first priority to renew in their apartment to ensure they don't have to move.
  • Hassle Free.  Renewing takes seconds through the online process and you don't have to deal with moving, finding roommates, decorating again, etc. 


💭  How Do I Renew My Lease? _________________________________________________________________

Simple!  We send our Renewal lease contracts to all of our residents in January of every year to the email address with have on file!  Simply complete that document and you are done in seconds.

Want to make sure your email is up to date?  Easy!  Log in to your Rent Cafe account and update it.  If you need assistance contact us through chat or by email

Here is a video that walks you through signing your digital Lease Contract! 


💭  Does my Guarantor have to Resign the Renewal Contract? _________________________________________________________________

No, your Guarantor does not need to sign the Renewal Contract as they agreed to a "continual" Guaranty when you first signed up with the Regency & Villas Apartments! 


Have Questions?  Grab any of our managers on chat or email the Leasing Team with any renewal questions you might have!

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