The Final Account Statement, or Move Out Statement, is the final document you will receive from the Regency Management Team after you move out of your apartment.  
We mail the Final Account Statement, and any applicable refunds of your security deposit, to the address you provided on the Move Out Form the day you turned in your keys at the Regency Front Desk in the Main Lobby!

💭  What does the Final Account Statement include? ____________________________________________________

The Regency Accounting Team processes all Final Account Statements within 60 days of the date your Lease Contract ends in accordance with Colorado state law.  

The Final Account Statement includes...

  • Overview of the Total Balance Remaining (if any) from rent, late fees or fines
  • Additional move out fees for trash, damages and/or cleaning (if any)
  • Your Security Deposit is applied
  • Total Balance Due (or refunded by us) which is calculated taking the total balances still owed by the Resident and then applying the Security Deposit

Security Deposits are refunded with the Final Account Statement if the amount of the Security Deposit you paid at move in is larger than the final balance owed upon move out.

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