The move out process is simple on your end!  Just make sure the following steps are taken in addition to cleaning your apartment, taking out the trash and repairing any damaged areas that may have happened during your time in the apartment.

What you need to do to complete Move Out Process: 

  1.  Move out all of your belongings and clean the apartment 
  2.  Visit the Regency Front Desk to complete Move Out Form and drop off keys
  3.  You're all finished!  

What happens next?

We will walk your unit in the coming days after you move out to ensure there were not any damages or excessive cleaning needed to make the apartment ready for the next tenant.  Once this is completed, we will process your Final Account Statement (a.k.a. Move Out Statement) and mail it to the address you provided on your Move Out Form at the front desk (step #2 above). 

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