Scheduling a walk through is not a requirement of any resident upon completing the Move Out Process at the Regency & Villas Apartments!  With that said, some residents prefer scheduling a walk through so we make ourselves as available as possible. 

If you are interested in scheduling a "walk through", there are a few things to consider!

Important Information to Consider before Scheduling: 

1) Schedule a Walk Through at least 7 days in advance

We move out nearly 90% of our residents on two main move out weeks each year which means as many as 400-600 residents will likely be moving out the exact same week as you!

The Lease Contract requires all residents to schedule a "walk through" at least 7 days in advance although our schedules fill up often months in advance.  We provide an availability schedule 24/7 for residents to plan ahead.  

2) A "Walk through" does not replace the final inspection by the Management Team

A common misunderstanding is that the "walk through" in student housing is identical to the process for multi0family apartment communities in which you may be more accustom.  

A member of the Regency staff will walk through the apartment with you and point out areas that may be considered a move out charge in terms of cleaning, carpet replacement, painting, etc.  However, without the apartment being completely vacant we cannot guarantee that we can see everything and no documentation will be provided to the Resident after the "walk through".  It is impossible for us to walk all apartments on the same move out date and thus many residents live in the unit for weeks after we have completed a "walk through" of the apartment  

The final walk through, that is used for the Final Account Statement, will be handled by the professional Management Team in bulk after all residents have moved out in order to expedite the "make ready" process for the incoming residents.

3) What if we have disagreements about the charges?

We strongly suggest that you take pictures upon leaving.  Our management team does not "over bill" or make increased profits on the "make ready" process as with many companies.  Our "make ready" costs match what we bill back to residents nearly perfectly as it is not our intent to charge for areas that we do not have to "make ready" for the incoming resident.

 With that said, you may move out before your roommate does, disagree with the carpet needing to be replaced or any other example we could list! It happens!  Having a photograph of the apartment on your smart phone is a very quick and easy way to provide us with your perspective of the condition of the apartment.  

Simply email us any photos you have and our Management Team will happily review our records of contractor work in the apartment, bills they charged us and our own records of the condition when we completed our walks!

4)  How far from my scheduled Move Out Date can I schedule a "walk through"?

In truth you can schedule one anytime you would like.  As stated previously, the walk through is more of a support mechanism for us to point out areas that we deem necessary to replace, clean, paint, etc. prior to the next resident coming out.  

With that said, the further out you are the more likely something new may get damaged so the advice will not be as accurate!  It truly is up to you.

Schedule a Call

If after reading the previous Important Information to Consider you would like to schedule a walk through of your apartment please look through our availability here!  This calendar is updated regularly and as residents schedule appointments those times are removed automatically.

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