All of the residents at both the Regency and the Villas Apartments are required to have a meal plan.  As you will learn below, the available meal plans vary slightly based on where you choose to live within our community.

The majority of our Meal Plans provide a "declining balance" that is included in your meal plan payment depending on which plan you choose and you can learn more here about the Declining Balance


Commonly Asked Questions regarding the Meal Plan ________________________________________

The following are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Meal Plan!

💭  What is a Meal Plan? 

Meal Plans are a service provided by our professional Dining Service that we proudly partner with to offer our residents an affordable meal option while living in our community.  The Meal Plans specifically relate to The Atrium which is our Dining Hall that is open in both the Fall and Spring semester 7 days a week.

💭  How do I pay for my Meal Plan? 

Sodexo takes payments directly for the Meal Plan portion.  Learn how to Pay Your Meal Plan here!

💭  Can I change my Meal Plan choice? 

Once you have purchased your Meal Plan, or the dining hall has opened for the semester, you can only "upgrade" your Meal Plan to include more meals per week. You are more than welcome to purchase a Meal Plan in the Fall and then change it for the Spring as long as you do so prior to the start of the Spring semester!


💭  How do I use my Meal Plan? 

The Meal Plan, and the declining balance, is used by visiting The Atrium and scanning your fingerprint.  On move in day, you will take a moment to scan your fingerprint in our resident system that gives you access to your Meal Plan during the The Atrium's normal operating hours!

💭  Is a Meal Plan required? 

Yes, all of our residents are required to have a meal plan and the options for which plan to choose varies based on whether you live in the Villas or Regency.

💭  Why do the Meal Plan Options vary between the Villas and Regency? 

The Meal Plan options vary between the Villas and Regency due to the Villas being a traditional apartment style design that has a full kitchen whereas our Regency floor plans are dorm-styles that do not have full kitchens.  

💭  Is a Meal Plan required if I have dietary restrictions? 

Yes, a meal plan is required!  Our Dining Manager works with residents each year to provide a wide range of options for all of our residents to enjoy.  If you are concerned and prefer to not have a meal plan at The Atrium, you can choose to live at the Villas which only requires a $175 declining balance to be purchased each year!

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