Moving into a new apartment is one of the most exciting experiences of a young adults life as it provides new freedoms and responsibilities in a new chapter of your life. 

The Regency & Villas Management Team puts a lot of effort into providing a fair apartment placement system that meets as many resident's preferences as possible.

💭  How are Apartment Preferences chosen? ________________________________________

Throughout the Application process, future residents provide preferences on where they want to live such as top floor, mountain views, etc.  Although we can never guarantee preferences, we do our best to provide everyone with the preferences they request!  

Who gets priority of preferences?

  1. Renewals.  Residents that renew get first choice of where they want to transfer to if they wish to do so.  If you do not get all of your preferences now, don't worry as you will get first choice when you renew!
  2. Future Residents based on Lease Completion Date with payments.  Future residents get priority based on how early in the year they signed their lease, had their Guarantor sign and paid their Application Fee.  


💭  When do we find out our Apartment location? ________________________________________

The Regency & Villas Management Team typically emails apartment assignments and roommate confirmation approximately 30 days from your Move In Date.  We send the email to the Resident based on the email we have on the Application submitted during the Leasing Process.  

Why do we wait until 30 days out?

By waiting until 30 days out from your Move In Day, we can provide the most accurate Roommate and Apartment Assignments.  When completing assignments for nearly 1,000 residents in 7 different floor plan types, there are a lot of moving pieces to ensure that all of our residents are placed properly.  

⚠️  Important:  Apartment locations may change after you receive your Apartment Assignment.  Although this is extremely rare, there are times when we have to make changes to placements to ensure all of our residents can be placed in the proper floor plan with same-sex roommates in our community.

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