Below we outline the Move In process for our largest move in of the year!  We have over a decade of experience in moving our 600+ students in and we promise with your help this will be an exciting time for everyone!

On the weekend of August 17th - 18th we will be welcoming in all of our incoming residents!  Learn more about dates and times here for Move In Weekend!

What's below?

  • Directions to the Regency for Move In Day
  • Check In Process & Map
  • Accessing the Gated Community

💭  How do I get to the Regency & Villas Apartments?___________________________________

Here is a Google Maps link to where we are located.  The drawing below shows where you can park during the Move In Weekend Hours.


💭  Is there a gate code to get into the community? 

Yes, but we do not provide it publicly!  We have the gate opened for general access during Move In Weekend Hours and once you receive your keys you will be provided your Gate Key to access after hours! 👍

Once the hours of 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. has ended, the gate will be closed and you will not be able to access the community without your Gate Card as the privacy of our current residents is our top priority!

💭  Check In Process for Move In Weekend ___________________________________

The Check In Process is simple and will go as quickly as possible as you are guided by our Management Team through the check in stations.  Our Management Team is trained to guide you through the stations in the fastest possible way as you visit the needed stations throughout our large indoor gym.

The average wait time last year was less than 30 minutes for the whole process; however, if you are not on the VIP Access list then this time will be longer so please make sure you pay both the meal plan and the housing payments no later than August 1st to avoid these lines at move in!

Move In Process:

  1. Park in any of the designated parking areas (in blue in picture above)
  2. Walk to the Regency Main Lobby to receive your "Move In Passport".  The Move In Passport provides a guide to know what "stations" you still need to visit before getting your keys!
  3. You will be guided to each of the stations necessary as our Management Team shows you to any of the necessary lines outlined below!
  4. Pick up your Keys to Move In!


Stations you will visit on Move In Day

The following stations are required by all residents to complete prior to receiving your keys!  If you have VIP Access, your Move In Passport will be checked off prior to move in day so you will get to skip specific lines below saving time! 

  1. Pick up Move In Passport at Regency Main Lobby
  2. Visit Leasing (skip with VIP Access)
  3. Visit Accounting (skip with VIP Access)
  4. Visit Meal Plan Station to get Meal Card
  5. Pick Up Keys to your Apartment!

Wondering how to get VIP Access?  Simply make all payment to for meal plan and housing prior to Move In and also complete all Leasing paperwork!  Contact the Leasing Team if you want to be able to get VIP Access


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