Follow these easy steps to complete the registration process in a matter of minutes!  If you need help learning how to make a one time manual payment check this tutorial (with video) out!


Need help?  We have animated pictures below, a full video & Managers available!

If after following these steps you are struggling to lgo in, simply hop on our chat bubbles in the bottom right corner or send our team of Managers an email!

Visit our website and click the Resident portal for the property you live in under the "Pay Now" tab.  

⚠️  It is important that you select the property you will live in and select the RESIDENT tab for that property.  

The Guarantor portal doesn't help you until you have moved in officially!  Parents will need to pay through the student portal or select a different payment method!

This link is located directly under the Sign In button where "Forgot Password" is located!  

The "Registration Code" is provided by the Regency & Villas Management Team.  It consists of a letter (usually an "s" or "g") followed by 7 numbers.  Example: S0001234.  

Need help getting your s-code?  Likely you have received this from our management team already!  If you'd like us to provide it again, simply chat with us now or send us an email!

Please wait 1-2 minutes at the email you provided for the confirmation link!  Then simply Log In with the credentials you provided during Registration.

💡  Tip:  Check your spam folder if you do not see the confirmation email within 1-2 minutes of clicking "register" in Step 3.  




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