The following provides an overview of where you can drop off mail to be delivered and what your mailing address is.  If you are interested in our package delivery processes hop over there to learn more!

What is discussed below:

  •  What is your Mailing Address?
  •  Where are Mailboxes located? 
  •  Where do I put Outgoing Mail to be sent?

⚠️  Important:  If you are a new incoming resident that has not moved in at this time you will need to wait for the Apartment Assignments to be completed to learn what your apartment number is!  We complete these as fast as possible but many factors weight into the timing of the finalized assignments.   

⏰  Tip:  We recommend you wait until you have officially moved in to send packages or mail to your new address!  Although we will keep record of you moving to our community and will hold the package if it arrives, many delivery services (USPS primarily) will not deliver the package as they do not recognize you as a resident until your official move in date.  Unfortunately, we do not have control over this!

💭  What is my Mailing Address? ________________________________________

The following attachment helps show how the addresses should be written out depending on which building and property you have chosen to live in.  


💭  Where are the Mailboxes located?  ________________________________________

The Regency and Villas Apartments have two separate mailboxes for normal letter/envelope mail sent by the USPS.  

  • The Regency Tower.  The mailboxes for the Tower residents are located in the main lobby between the Atrium and the Rail.
  • The Regency North Hall.  The mailboxes for the North Hall residents are located on the 1st floor of the North Hall near the main doors exiting to the pool area.
  • Villas.  The mailboxes for the Villas residents are located in the center island area of the main parking lots to provide a centralized location for convenience of all residents. 

💭  Where can I drop off mail to be sent? ________________________________________

The Regency and Villas Apartments mail to be sent can be dropped off in the "outbox" at either the Villas mailbox or the Regency Main Lobby mailbox!  

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