Each year our VIP Move In Day Access is our most commonly asked questions and for good reason! VIP Move In Day is on Friday, August 17th, 2018.

The Regency & Villas Apartments are proudly home to nearly 1,000 students from over 15 universities.   Although we boast the state's highest number of renewals each year, we still have nearly 600 students moving in on the same weekend!  🙈


💭  Benefits of VIP Move In Access ____________________________________________

Each resident with VIP Move In Day Access gets the benefit of an extremely fast check in experience along with the ability to move in one day earlier with virtually no lines!

  • Faster Check In by skipping both the leasing and accounting lines!
  • Move In on Friday with virtually NO LINES
  • Better chances you will be the first roommate to move in so you can pick you closet space, side of the room, etc.
  • and MORE!

💭  How do I get VIP Move In Access? ____________________________________________

All you have to do is literally what you agreed to do in the Lease Contract!  If you complete each of the following items no later than August 1, 2017 you will receive an email confirmation with details on how the VIP Access works on move in day!  

Complete each of these...

  • Resident must completely sign the Lease Contract (digitally)
  • Guarantor must completely sign the Lease Contract (digitally)
  • Application Fee must be paid ($175)
  • Security Deposit must be paid (amount depends on floor plan and is located on first page of your digital lease! It's either $100 or $250
  • Fall Meal Plan must be paid in full (you chose the plan you wanted in the Lease Contract!)
  • August Rent Installment (it's due on August 1st anyhow!)


We will send you an email throughout the summer letting you know what you have, and have not, completed to be eligible for all of the great VIP Access Move In benefits! 

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