All of our residents in both the Villas and the Regency are required to have a Meal Plan throughout the year.  The Meal Plans offered vary slightly and you can read more here about the Meal Plans offered to our residents.

The majority of our Meal Plans provide a "declining balance" that is included in your meal plan payment depending on which plan you choose.   A declining balance is best explained as a cash balance that is on your account that can be used at the Rail, which is our convenience store in the main lobby, or the atrium which is our dining hall.    

Commonly Asked Questions regarding the Declining Balance ________________________________________

The following are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the declining balance!

💭  How do I use my Declining Balance?

  Both the normal meal plan and the declining balance is used by scanning your fingerprint at either the Atrium (our dining hall) or the Rail (our convenience store).  When you scan your finger at The Rail, it will automatically be taken out of the remaining balance you have on your Declining Balance for that semester!

💭  Can I add funds to my Declining Balance?

Of course!  You can always add funds to your declining balance online through your Meal Plan Portal, but make sure to remember that you will need to use all of this balance before the end of the semester!  

Contact the General Manager of Sodexo by email to add funds and learn more about meal plans!

💭  What happens to the "unused" Declining Balance?

Any balance that you do not use for your Declining Balance in that academic year will not be refunded nor will it be transferred over to the next academic school year.  We always recommend that you be sure to use it throughout the year at The Rail!

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