The Regency & Villas Apartments require all residents to have a Guarantor unless they meet the requirements of the one exception to this policy.  

💭  Why do we require a Guarantor?

The learning process of living on your own can be complex with roommates, being away from your home of 18 years, possibly in a new city and integrating yourself into the university you have chosen.  Knowing an adult Guarantor is in the picture helps us communicate in many ways to ensure the student has the best experience long term as their primary focus is to graduate.

Contractual Reasons:  As we are a student housing community, the vast majority of our residents have not lived on their own long enough to have a history of living in apartment communities that we can check, to have a credit background, and/or typically do not have stable, full-time employment.

Further Support:  We require a Guarantor as both financial support to the resident as well as an additional contact for our Management Team should we need to discuss alternative concerns while the resident begins their journey living on their own in Denver!

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